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Valuation of jadeite jade


Let's imagine, if I want the best diamond, absolutely colorless, ideal cut, flawless and in a big size, that will end up with a sky-high price. The same thing happens in jadeite jade. If I want jadeite jade with imperial green color, glassy variety, no flaw or crack and perfect carved, I will meet an extremely high price, too. So, we'd better figure out our budget, and what character we want most, a vivid color, or good transparency, or great craftsmanship, before shopping.

Chinese have an old saying that ˇ°There is a price for gold, but not one for jadeˇ±. It tells the truth. There are quoted prices lists for diamonds and most of other precious gemstones, which can help businessmen to evaluate their prices. Jadeite Jade is the only gemstone for which regular prices are not quoted by the major international gemstone trading firms.

It is because it's difficult to quote a price for jadeite jade. Jadeite jade differs from most other gems as it is not only polycrystalline aggregates but also not monocrystalline mineral. It is composed of many types of minerals.

What are the principles of jadeite jade appraisal?

1. Color

This property is the most important for determining value. Naked eyes are good tools to judge it. The best light source to view the stone for appraisal is daylight.

a. The purity of color.

There are six levels of purity for green color:

Pure green, it is also know as imperial green. It doesn't contain other hues of differing intensity.

Slightly yellowish green, Slightly bluish green

Yellowish green, Bluish green

Grayish green

Because the first level of color only has little difference with the second and third one, internet buyers should consult the seller for the real color about the item. As for as I know, if the seller use a digital camera to take pictures for pure green (imperial green), the pictures will appear to be slightly yellowish green in many occasions.

Pure green, imperial green
(in digital photos, pure green seems to have a yellow hue though the actural item hasn't. )



bluish green



b. The intensity of color:

The deeper ones are more valuable.




c. The brightness of color

The bright ones are more valuable.





d. The evenness of color

The colors of jadeite jade are mostly unevenly distributed because of its mineral structure, therefore, those ones with even color are rare and with high value.

even, $3200

not so even, $600


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